The Call to ACTION:

The Be the Voice Campaign is a way to spread the word in Genesee County and beyond about the growing problem of child abuse. GEARup2LEAD and The Whaley's Children Center are challenging middle school, high school, and college students to help Be the Voice for the victims of child abuse that cannot speak up.

By creating a 90 second public service announcement (PSA), you are helping make people aware of this crisis and joining the call to action to end child abuse.

We cannot stand by and allow children to be mistreated. The more we speak up, the more we will educate our community. 

Guidelines for Be the Voice PSA:

  • Must be 90 seconds

  • Must include at least one of the rights of passage to childhood

  1. Every child deserves to learn

  2. Every child deserves to dance

  3. Every child deserves to celebrate their birthday

  • Must include Paint Our Town Blue and the Pinwheel logo

  • Must include the four parts of understanding abuse and neglect

-What is abuse & neglect?

-What are the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect?

-Why you’re worthy enough not be abused or neglected.

-If you or a friend are being abused or neglected, how you can get help.

Here is an example of how a 90 second PSA changed the world.  Click here


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