Our 2016 Heroic Sponsors and Partners

Our 2016 Keynote Speakers: (Left-Audrey Gordon, Founding President of The Progeria Research Foundation, and Sam Bern's aunt.  Center- Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Heroic Pediatrician from Flint, MI.  Right- Christian Moore, Founder of WhyTry? and author of The Resiliency Breakthrough)

The 2016 Fall Conference is October 7, 2016 at The Whiting in Flint, MI.  Learn more about The GEARup2LEAD Fall Conference by clicking here.

The GEARup2LEAD Fall Conference is designed to educate and inspire both youth and adults to become heroic leaders and create positive change within their communities.  Dynamic speakers and purposeful break out sessions will bring a diverse group of people together for one goal...to Be Heroic!  

Be a part of our heroic team and lead a breakout session! Apply here

What are people saying about our fall conference?

"Great opportunity for our staff! The food trucks and music added a great atmosphere to the lunch break. Very organized event!" -Diplomat Employee
"Awesome conference! Thank you for the opportunity to have this learning experience which was inspirational and motivating." -Carol Gardner, Ruth Mott Foundation
"I learned that I can be a heroic leader and create positive change in my school.  It is up to me!" -Flint High Schooll Student