Find Your Storm: Emily Sutton (2015 GEARup2LEAD Speaker)

Find your storm. Find what you are passionate about and chase it. You want to be close enough to track it but not so far in that you lose sight of what you're chasing in the first place.  

I've been chasing storms since 2004. Everything changed when I moved to Oklahoma City in 2009. KFOR-TV hired me as a meteorologist. It was a dream come true! Not only did I get to do the weather in the most extreme weather market in the nation, I got PAID to storm chase. Storm chasing is not like it's portrayed in Twister. There is a lot of waiting and busted forecasts. However, when you actually chase a tornado, it's an adrenaline rush...until people get hurt, then your heart sinks.  On May 19, 2014 I saw my first violent tornado (EF4 or EF5). On May 20, I watched in horror as an EF5 barreled down on the city of Moore, killing 24 people, including 7 children. Looking at the aftermath, it's amazing anyone survived. Although we couldn't save everyone, I was honored to be a part of the 4Warn Storm Team, a life-saving team of meteorologists in studio, storm chasers on the ground and a chopper pilot in the sky.  I did  not directly save lives, like my fiance' often does as a firefighter, however, knowledge and information can save lives.

Your passion and drive could impact or even save a life.

How are you going to be a hero?

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