Hiring for a Growth Mindset

I had the pleasure to work with a group of interns and fellows at Diplomat in Flint, MI last week to discuss Growth Mindset.  I was invited to run a hour long session.  The participants were great learners and enjoyed this, for some, new way of thinking.  Many of the concepts of the Growth Mindset go against the status quo.  We live in a fixed mindset world and are many times sucked into the gravitational pull of negativity and a "fixed way" of thinking.  If you are not familiar with the Growth Mindset (vs Fixed) this is a good read: http://michaelgr.com/2007/04/15/fixed-mindset-vs-growth-mindset-which-one-are-you/

Working with employees in the business world is new to me and is certainly exciting as I learn from them as much as they learn from me. After the session and reflecting on the survey results and feedback, it occurred to me that no matter what career one ends up in, mindsets are key.  It is the thing between our ears that can be both our best ally, or unfortunately, our worst enemy. Leaders that are heroic leaders understand the importance of bringing Growth Mindset people on board in order for their company, organization, or school district to flourish.  

I believe Growth Minded people make the best employees.  Here are four reasons why hiring people with a Growth Mindset is key.

1.  People with a Growth Mindset see problems as opportunities.  Don't have problems? Then you are not living!  Problems occur when you build relationships, move forward on any decision you or your team make,  try something new, or simply interact with human beings.  Problems are what makes the world go around, if you have a Growth Mindset.  Some of the most successful people in the history of business took problems and turned them into opportunities.  This may happen on a much smaller scale within your staff and place of business.  You may not have an Alexander Fleming or John Deere (Pink Bat Thinking) working on your team, however, you certainly could have people looking at difficult situations the same way those Growth Minded entrepreneurs did, as opportunities to do something different to disrupt the status quo.  Your team can thrive when people are confronted with a problem and see opportunities.  Employees with a Growth Mindset do this on a daily basis.

2.  People with a Growth Mindset understand the Power of Self.  Every good business and/or organization has a mission, vision, and beliefs, but is that really what is happening behind closed doors?  People with a Growth Mindset do not need constant checking up on, pats on the back, or to be reminded why they are a crucial part of the company.  Heroic leaders understand how crucial these actions are to keep morale up, however, employees with a Growth Mindset can survive without them.  When things go right, they know how to control their ego, when things go wrong, they know how to control their negative thoughts.  The Power of Self can be related to: Self-control, Self-talk, Self-reflection, Self-discipline, Self-healing, Self-esteem, Self-reliable, etc... The Growth Mindset leads to self directed team members that do not allow challenging situations, or difficult people, to bring them down.

3.  People with a Growth Mindset want to learn every day.  A company that learns everyday will thrive during times of change.  Whether you believe it or not, times are always changing!  While you may be a heroic leader looking for constant learning, are your employees doing the same?  I have witnessed many leaders foster a growth mindset and reinvent themselves daily only to leave their team behind.  Modeling is key and making sure the people you are leading take the same approach is crucial.  Learning while on the job does not come easy nor natural for many people.  People that look at each day as a classroom will ultimately be the best employees a business will employ.  Carol Dweck, in her book Mindset, says that "Becoming is better than being."  Employees that want to "become great", learn every day.  Employees that feel they "are great" (being) believe they have reached their potential.  A successful business will never feel they have reached their full potential.

4.  People with a Growth Mindset are culturally competent and respond in a positive way when working with diverse groups.  Our world is becoming more diverse on a daily basis.  Technology and a more global economy have transformed the business world into a melting pot of both ethnic and socially economic backgrounds.  Corporations, such as Diplomat, are giving back to the very communities their employees live and work in and mangers are finding that in order to be successful, one must take a more global approach. When employees have a growth mindset they not only accept the fact that times are changing, they embrace it and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of others.  A growth minded business invites people to share experiences, knowledge, and perspectives from all walks of life.  Having employees that advocate for this way of thinking will make your company stronger and strengthen the ability to adapt to an ever changing world.

Four reason to hire people with a Growth Mindset

1. People with a Growth Mindset see problems as opportunities.

2. People with a Growth Mindset understand the Power of Self.

3. People with a Growth Mindset want to learn every day.

4. People with a Growth Mindset are culturally competent.

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