The Heroic Leadership Academy

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists, or is done...

Purpose creates hope and hope leads to desire.

Desire leads to commitment and commitment leads to success.

We need purpose in our life.  Without it we are simply floating down a river with no real destination in sight.  The Heroic Leadership Academy is designed for high school students that need purpose in their life.   

Young men and women that start to question their purpose and find no real answers are often looked upon as apathetic, lazy, or someone that has "given up".  The truth is, we are all responsible in helping our youth find purpose in everything they do.  When students hear, "set some goals...finish high school...get a something with your life...", they are thinking, why? The question of why is rooted in the need to know what their own purpose is within their world before they go out and accomplish tasks to meet the needs of others.  The HLA provides the missing key to success for many of our young men and women here in Genesee County...PURPOSE.

GEARup2LEAD believes that everyone is capable of bring a heroic leader and that by intentionally setting out to train, advocate for, and give opportunities to high school students, our community will benefit greatly.

Know of any high school students needing to find purpose in their world?  

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