Cultural Responsiveness with @UMFlint and Swartz Creek High School

Monday was yet another eye opener as UM-Flint students prepared for their freshman orientation sessions they will lead on cultural responsiveness.  After GEARup2LEAD spent two days with these amazing leaders and their mentors, we were able to see them in action.  The highlight was when Dr. Rushika Patel asked the UM-Flint students to share why they were there and a little about themselves.  Quinn, a junior at UM-Flint was brief and said, "Follow your dreams and do not allow others to tell you what you should or should not do based on their perspective."  A Swartz Creek Academy student stood up and said based in the workshop, he now is inspired to follow his dream of becoming a diesel mechanic, despite what his family and friends have said.  He truly is following a call to adventure! Learn more about our partnership with UM-Flint here

Adam HartleyComment