What educators are saying about our workshops

Best presentation yet. Very engaging and interesting. - Administrator

I thought this was one of the best presentations. It was engaging and I learned a lot. I recommend more presentations similar to this style. - Administrator

The people were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Both participants and facilitators were outstanding. I was very impressed.-Teacher

The workshop shifted my thinking on what a hero truly is and will help us teach kids that they can all be heroes! -Teacher

GEARup2LEAD is working with Genesee County educators to assist schools in creating positive and inspiring environments where everyone believes they themselves can be heroic leaders.

By developing a GROWTH MINDSET, building EMPATHY, taking ACTION, and accepting RESPONSIBILITY, K-12 schools will build a Heroic Culture!

School districts may send teachers, administrators, counselors, resource officers, and other staff they feel will be key leaders in building a heroic culture.

*School districts are responsible for providing substitute teachers when needed.

2015-16 Dates TBD      Learn More Here