Angela Swantek

Someone had to do what was right and expose Dr. Evil!  Angela Swantek used her courage and her resiliency to help her expose a prominent cancer doctor in the Detroit area that was making millions off of insurance companies by misdiagnosing and mistreating patients.  Angela will tell you she is not a hero but rather just doing her job, we say she is a hero!

Angela is a mother of 2 wonderful girls Danielle 19 and Gina 16, who are the lights of her life and whom she is very proud of.  Angela's parents who have been married for 48 years gave her the foundation to be true to herself and to have morals and integrity.   She has been an oncology nurse for 25 years. Angela has worked in the hospital, small offices and large institutions. 
Angela will tell you,"It is a rewarding and emotional job to care for cancer patients. It's not really a job its a calling. I never expected seeking a new job opportunity would put me in in the front line to the biggest most egregious case of medicare fraud our country and state has ever seen. I believe there is a purpose in everything an I believe I was meant to be in that office that day."

We are excited to invite people from the medical community to come hear Angela speak on being your true self and being the voice for your patients.