"Educating and Inspiring Youth and Adults to be Heroic Leaders means we are investing in our future."
-Flint Business Owner
"GEARup2LEAD is needed in our city and county.  We need more heroes and more leaders if we are going to be a vibrant and successful community."
- Community Leader


By developing a GROWTH MINDSET, having EMPATHY, taking ACTION, and accepting RESPONSIBILITY...we can all be heroic leaders and create positive change within our communities.

GEARup2LEAD is a leadership development organization located in Flint, MI with the mission of educating and inspiring youth and adults to become heroic leaders. Our Fall Conference, curriculum modules, and Heroic Leadership Academy continues to help build heroic leaders to better our status quo and create a brighter future for Flint, Genesee County and beyond!

You are a heroic leader...get involved and take action! 

*GEARup2LEAD is a 501c3 organization
**Our GEARup2LEAD Team